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Artistic photos : Tahiti Tattoos
Tahiti Tattoos

Discover the work of Gian Paolo Barbieri, if you still don't know him, his photographies are simply magnificient, they enlighten the natural man in his whole inner beauty throught native Tahitians portraits.

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Madonna : Music, the new album

Madonna comes back for our greatest pleasure with her new album Music, available since Septembre 18th. This album is Cet album resolutely simplist techno oriented thanks to the work in collaboration with Mirwais and William Orbit, is probably less moins rhythmical as the last one Ray of Light , but more melodious.

Amazing, in Paradise (Not for me) , the 9th song, we have the pleasure to listen to Madonna singing in French ! Her American accent sounds deliciously sexy.

On Madonna web site ( madonnamusic.com ), you will be able to remix her first song : Music, and you will able able to get the lyrics of all songs that lack in the album.

As a consequence, just run to your nearest music shop to get this album, it is great!

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Erotic gay "manga" drawings.
Bad Boys de Kinu Sekigushi Discover the erotic gay "manga"style showing handsome males coming from Kinu Sekigushi's mind.

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Visit this site : http://www.kinu-sekigushi.com

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